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This shirt raised ONE MILLION DOLLARS in three weeks after 9/11!

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This is a revised letter that I personally handed to President Obama right before 9/11/2011. This letter was also given to John Boehner's office as well. "We the People" with God's Help, will put America back to work!
If You agree? Please share with others... Thank You and may God Bless You for Helping America and Her people! Jeff Cottrell

Dear Mr. President and Government Officials,

As the leaders of the greatest nation on earth, we realize how busy you are with all of the difficulties in the US and abroad. Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, tornados, and difficult domestic and international issues must surely consume your thoughts and time. My partner and I can appreciate what you are going through. During the past 24 years of business, we have grown from working in a one car garage to becoming an industry leader and have weathered some storms of our own. In 2007, our top customer of 21 years asked us and several similar companies to expand in order to support them bringing business back home to the United States. We were excited to create more jobs and grow our company, so we invested half a million dollars and expanded another 14 thousand square feet. After doing so, their business model changed to where their domestic business did not return as promised. We thank God for them and the adversity we have had to overcome during the last 5 years. It has made us stronger and wiser not to let any company dominate the majority of our business. As companies struggle to maximize profits and compete in a global economy, many have moved jobs overseas. My partner and I are committed to putting America back to work and do not consider this an option for our company and our employees.

Now, on a positive note, let's create jobs in America. Mr. President, we have created a website called UnitedWeStandforAmerica.org, which is designed to give American businesses and organizations a way to raise much needed funds for their causes and communities. These programs are produced at our cost. We are also working to make this website a source for locating products made in America. We are asking for your help and support with the upcoming 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy and have created our new "NEVER FORGET" designs in memory of those we lost on 9/11 along with honoring all of our first responders and military branches. Please accept these complementary t-shirts in remembrance of those we lost on 9/11 and everyone in harm's way protecting us. Our vision is to share printing all across America with other screen printers to help them grow and create jobs in their own communities. This will help begin the process of putting thousands of Americans back to work.

Who we are?

My name is Jeff Cottrell, owner of Screen Works, Inc. located in Dayton, Ohio. My partner, Ron Witters, and I have a passion to help others, which is a principle foundation started early in our business. In January 1991, we raised $40,000 for our troops with our "Operation Desert Storm" design. Then came September 11, 2001, the day that no one will ever forget. We dedicated our entire company to print and distribute "United We Stand" shirts. This design was created after the attack as a way for Americans to show support for 9/11 victims and express their patriotism. This design was distributed nationally and internationally and raised one million dollars in an astonishingly short three weeks. Those funds were donated to the American Red Cross to help with their relief efforts. We give thanks to the media and all the American people for their support. We received letters of commendations from President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Ohio Governor Taft, and New York Mayor Giuliani. We also had the privilege of being introduced into the Congressional Record of the United States by the Honorable Tony Hall.

I was speaking with my friend Rich Hoffman, who is an industry leader in the textile printing equipment business. Rich owns one of the largest screen printing equipment companies in the world and does business globally. We thought you would be interested in the vision for creating jobs in America. By pulling the printing industry together and sharing this commitment, it will show unity in America once again, like we shared after the tragedy on 9/11.

Mr. President, we have vowed to use only American made shirts and U.S. printers for these programs. This will benefit the country and its workforce. It will create and restore many needed jobs in the United States and bring back the once proud label "Made in America." Sadly, since 1997, over 649 textile mills have closed their doors in our country. With your support, this program, and others like it, will help secure jobs for the future of our children. Many people would welcome the return of work to their local community.

The UnitedWeStandforAmerica.org website has pioneered a series of vital fundraising programs touching the lives of our nation in a variety of significant ways:

These are some of the other causes and programs that we support:

  • Honor Flight effort sponsors FREE trips to courageous survivors of WWII to visit their memorial in Washington D.C. This awesome program will continue honoring veterans of every war.
  • Some Gave All design was created for our first captured solider of this Iraq war, Matt Maupin captured April 9, 2004 (POW/MIA/KIC) to help his family keep his awareness in the news and not be forgotten.
  • National K.I.D.S. (Kids Identity Safety) is a reward t-shirt program that rewards children in pre-school to 3rd grade for knowing their complete name, address, and phone number.
  • Haiti Relief Program Another way for Churches and Organizations to help raise the needed funds to rebuild the devastated Haiti.
  • For God and Country is a beautifully designed t-shirt to help put the Ten Commandments back in our Great Nation.
According to a report called 'Made in America' by Diane Sawyer on ABC's World News Tonight, if every American would spend $64.00 a year on American made products, we could put 200,000 people back to work in America right now! That is only 18 cents a day per American!

  • Have a NEVER FORGET tour across America offering these shirts to show unity for those who lost their lives, for our brave first responders, and those serving in the military (music concerts, NASCAR events, etc).
  • Have a live interactive auction with celebrities using multimedia to help raise more funds for our homeless veterans, veterans and their families
  • We have printing hubs set up all across America. Hubs will print fronts and backs, and then will be shipped to smaller print shops in the local communities for name drops on the sleeves for distribution to schools, organizations, and companies.
  • Wearing these shirts with the organization's logo on the sleeve will show your love and support for America and Her people.
  • Printing companies get much needed work and veterans, schools, mission trips and local organizations raise funds for their own cause and community.
  • We Hope to offer these on TV programs such as "QVC" for people who are unable to travel within their community.
  • Use social media, such as You Tube, My Space, Face Book, Twitter, and Linked In to help get the message out.
Thank you for your time and consideration. God bless you and God bless America once again! We welcome your suggestions.

Respectfully your patriotic friend,
Jeff Cottrell
Screen Works Inc.

Helping to put America back to work, one American Made Shirt at a time!

All Shirts are Made in the USA. You are helping to put America back to work.

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